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E-resources guide

Find suitable e-books and other resources for your needs.

kuvassa kirjahyllyjä ympyrän muodossaE-resources guide

In this guide Jamk students and staff can find e-books, e-journals and databases that fit their information needs. In addition, this guide provides instructions that ease the use of these e-resources.

Get access to the e-resources by logging in to Janet using HAKA login and your personal Jamk ID. The e-resources requires strong authentication. For more information about strong authentication, Jamk Helpdes news.



The library has a large collection of e-books to help your studies. The library buys e-books from various providers either as large e-book sets or as single e-books. The user rights, ways of using, loan periods and e-book readers required therefore vary. Whereas some e-books can be read by multiple users at the same time, for example, some can be read only by one person at a time. Read more about E-books.

Single e-books and links to them can best be found via Janet. 

See E-book services.



The library has purchased thousands of electronic journals covering various fields of study. You can search for specific e-journals via Janet. If you are in the early stages of information seeking and want an overview of what can be found on your topic, you can use Janet's International Article Search.



Alongside e-book and e-journal databases, the library collections include standards and statistics. If you are unsure of what database you should be using, check out the subject guide of your own field for some tips.

See Databases and e-resources.


Open Access kuvituskuva open access avoin lukkokuvake

There are a lot of high-quality open access materials available on the web (for example, scientific and occupational books, articles and reports). Open access materials can be freely used without charge or paywalls. Get to know the library's instructions on how to find reliable open access sources for your information needs. 


E-resource links

Remote Access

You can use most of Jamk Library’s e-books and databases via Janet Finna at home or on the road (HAKA-login). Log into Janet Finna using your personal Jamk ID .

You can read e-books on your PC, tablet, e-reader, or smart phone. Some of the e-books can be downloaded for off-line reading. Depending on the e-book service and your device, you may need to download some free software before you can read the e-books.