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E-resources guide

Find suitable e-books and other resources for your needs.


kuvassa tietokone, jonka näytöllä kirjahylly

This guide introduces library's e-book services and gives instructions how to read and download e-books on different devices.

f you wish to get more information about the service, or compare the e-book services, click on the name of each service. The list of the names is located on the left.

E-book services

If an e-book is not working

Check that

  • You have logged in with Jamk username and password (HAKA login)
  • You have downloaded the necessary reader software, if you are trying to download an e-book to your computer.
  • You have updated the latest versions of the software.
  • Try another web browser, including on mobile devices. Do not use the Internet Explorer!
  • You have not blocked the browser to open pop-up windows.

If the e-book still doesn’t work

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Close the browser and start again from the beginning. Clear the browser history.
  • Open the link on Janet Finna. A link found by Google, for example, usually don't work.
  • Do you have several different programs and applications open on your computer? Close the unnecessary ones and try again.
  • Check which browsers are supported or recommended by the e-book service. 
  • See the detailed instructions on the e-book platform.
  • Some e-book services offer a separate application as well. You can try that, too.
  • See if other e-books on the same e-book service work. If they do, the problem concerns only this certain book. Contact the library: