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Learning and Guidance guide

Guide for information resources in Education

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Learning and Guidance guide

Welcome to your online guide for information resources in education, e.g. teaching & training, counselling & guidance and special education. This guide offers starting points for your research. All e-resources are available to you online when you're signed in to Jamk network.

How to start?

Welcome to the wonderful world of database searching!

Stages of information seeking

Compass of information seeking

Hey, are you looking for reliable information in your field? Take the Compass of information seeking for your use. You are welcome to discover your possibilities.
8 steps of information seeking process

Information seeking as a process

  1. For a start, consider what is your information need
  2. Explore your topic (think up and outline)
  3. Focus your search (familiarize and zoom in)
  4. Refine your topic (frame and set limiters)
  5. Collect information (search, locate and select)
  6. Use found information (summarize, write and  innovate)
  7. Share your knowledge (refer, upgrade and  network)
  8. Ask for more and contact the Library!