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E-resources guide

Find suitable e-books and other resources for your needs.

Ebook Collection (Ebsco)

Ebook Collection (Ebsco)


Growing package of multidisciplinary e-books representing a broad range of academic subject matter.  

How to find the e-books?

You can browse and access all electronic collections via A-Z Database List. Search and access of individual e-books via Janet Finna. 

Usage rights and login info

Available on Jamk's network by the students, teachers and other staff of Jamk University of Applied Sciences. Log in  with Jamk username and password (HAKA login)

Number of simultaneous users

Varies. Most e-books have unlimited access or a limited access for 1-3 simultaneous users. Sometimes the licence consists of a certain amount of credits per year, which means a certain amount of reading sessions per year / per title.

Loan periods

There is no loan periods in online reading. If you download an e-book to your computer or mobile device, the loan period varies. When the loan period of a downloaded e-book ends, the book is automatically returned for further loaning.


Limited. Printing limits vary from book to book. You can see the copying and printing limits of each book from their title page on the service.

Reading the e-book

You can read e-books online with a browser, using the Ebsco reader. Choose the PDF Full Text for computer use, or EPUB Full Text for mobile devices. For offline use the book needs to be downloaded.

Downloading the e-book

You can also download an e-book to your computer or other device. Downloading of a free reader software (Adobe Digital Editions) is required for using the book.

You also need to be signed in to your personal Ebsco account to download an e-book. If you do not have an account, click Sign in and create one at "Create a new account". Alternatively you can use your Google or Gmail credentials to sign in.

There are some books in Ebsco collection that cannot be downloaded/saved offline. 

Downloading Ebsco ebooks tutorial.

If an e-book is not working

Check that

  • You have logged in with Jamk username and password (HAKA login)
  • You have downloaded the necessary reader software, if you are trying to download an e-book to your computer.
  • You have updated the latest versions of the software.
  • Try another web browser, including on mobile devices. Do not use the Internet Explorer!
  • You have not blocked the browser to open pop-up windows.

If the e-book still doesn’t work

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Close the browser and start again from the beginning. Clear the browser history.
  • Open the link on Janet Finna. A link found by Google, for example, usually don't work.
  • Do you have several different programs and applications open on your computer? Close the unnecessary ones and try again.
  • Check which browsers are supported or recommended by the e-book service. 
  • See the detailed instructions on the e-book platform.
  • Some e-book services offer a separate application as well. You can try that, too.
  • See if other e-books on the same e-book service work. If they do, the problem concerns only this certain book. Contact the library:

Note and suitability as a course book

You can read the ebooks online, or download and read offline.

Recommended for course book use.

Underlining, notes and bookmarking are supported, but do require creating a personal account.