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E-resources guide

Find suitable e-books and other resources for your needs.

Find e-books for your studies


The library has purchased over 200 000 e-books covering various fields of study. The library buys e-books from various providers either as large e-book sets or as single e-books. The user rights, ways of using, loan periods and e-book readers required therefore vary. Whereas some e-books can be read by multiple users at the same time, for example, some can be read only by one person at a time.

Single e-books and links to them can best be found via Janet Finna. 

Find further information on the e-book services page.

Find links to all Jamk library's subscription e-book services on the A-Z Database List.


E-course books

The library acquires course books as e-books if they are available via Jamk's e-book suppliers, and if the e-book cost is reasonable. You can make an acquisition request with form or send an email to kirjasto.ekirjat (a)

Before reading e-books

Download e-books with Adobe Digital Editions

Most e-books can be read online in a browser, which requires no separate e-book reader. Some e-books can be downloaded to your device. Install a free reader on your device before downloading e-books.

If you want to read an e-book on more than one device, you must authorize the Adobe Digital Editions reader with an Adobe ID. After authorization, you can transfer the e-book file from one device to another and open it with your Adobe ID on different devices.

By default, the e-book file is saved in the “My Digital Editions folder”.

Adobe Digital Editions can be de-authorized by using the key combination ctrl+shift+d. On Mac devices use command+shift+d.

Jamk University of Applied Sciences campus computers have Adobe Digital Editions pre-installed.

NB! Do not download e-books remotely with Citrix ( The e-book is downloaded to the server instead of your own device and is no longer reopenable.

If you want to download an e-book for offline use, you must:

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions e-book reader
2. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions:

  • With Adobe ID
    • This will enable you to read e-books on multiple devices
    • Required with mobile apps
    • Create an Adobe ID. The email address you enter will be your Adobe ID.
  • On an computer you can also authorize the reader without an Adobe ID:
    • Choose: "I want to authorize my computer without an ID.”

See more information on Adobe Digital Editions.

available also as e-book

Why use e-book?

  • Can be read anywhere and anytime (log in with Jamk user ID and password)
  • Printed book not available? See if there is an e-book alternative
  • Possibility to search within the contents of books
  • You don't have to worry about due dates and overdue fines

Remote Access

You can use most of Jamk Library’s e-books and databases via Janet Finna at home or on the road (HAKA-login). Log into Janet Finna using your personal Jamk ID .

You can read e-books on your PC, tablet, e-reader, or smart phone. Some of the e-books can be downloaded for off-line reading. Depending on the e-book service and your device, you may need to download some free software before you can read the e-books.