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Information Seeking Compass

Guide to help with your information searching

1. Start your information seeking process

illustration: 1 Start your information seeking process

Think about:

  • What are you doing?    
  • What is your topic?
  • What kind of information and what amount do you need? 
  • What do you know already about the topic?

Types of information

Information sources contain information for different needs: 

  • Everyday life information
  • Professional information
  • Official / governmental information
  • Research information

Next step: Evaluate information and think about source criticism!


Use source criticism!

Note that there are many types of information providers with various intentions:

  • societes
  • research institutes
  • organisations
  • private persons

How to assess the reliability of the information producer?
CRAAP test can help you.
Also see the video: Evaluating information and source criticism


Assessment belongs to every stage of the process. This figure reminds of assessment and evaluation in the different situations.

kompassineula, jossa numerointi 1-8

Assess your information need

  • How much information do you need?
  • How deep information do you need?
  • How fresh information do you need?
  • Who produces information about your topic?