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Information Seeking Compass

Guide to help with your information searching

5. Collect your findings

5 Collect your findings

Start information gathering up close

Ready for information search, head to Janet Finna, where you will find the printed and electronic materials of the Jamk Library: 

  • printed books, journals, sheet music, recordings and multimedia
  • online materials such as ebooks, e-journals and databases

Log in with your Jamk ID for loan renewal, reservations and other services. To access the login page, click Login on Janet's home page. Enter your JAMK ID under Haka Login.

NOTE! When logging in, you will get access to the e-materials provided by the library and remote access as well. Other customers use an email address to renew and make reservations..

Below you will find three video instructions on how to use Janet:

  • Janet account
  • Janet search
  • International Article Search with Janet Database


Assessment belongs to every stage of the process. This figure reminds of assessment and evaluation in the different situations.

kompassineula, jossa numerointi 1-8

Evaluate your sources

Accept or reject?

The source is of high quality if its content is appropriate, up-to-date, unbiased and comprehensive enough. Prefer original sources, not the bulletins or summaries of them..

For example, take a look at the University of Tampere Library and LUT Academic Library's guidelines on evaluating information sources.
See also the video on the evaluation of information sources and source criticism.

Search example

In the Finna service it is possible to explore how much theses have been carried out in Finland on animal-assisted therapy in english. 

  1. Let's write animal assisted therapy in the search (term checked from YSO vocabulary) and select the subject in the drop-down menu.
  2. Let's refine results from the left menu under Theses
  3. If necessary, it is worth expanding the search in advanced search. This is how we make sure we get “caught” as much theses as possible: (Topic:animal assisted therapy) OR (All hits:therapy AND All hits:pets)