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Information Seeking Compass

Guide to help with your information searching

8. Ask for more from library

8 Ask for advice

Is something still wondering?

Hopefully you have received a lot of forward-helping hints with this Information Seeking Compass. However, if there are still things that should be cleared up, do not hesitate to ask more from library! The library has many means and channels to help you in information seeking.

Jamk Library

Libraries and opening hours


+358 40 552 6541

Thesis Sauna

  • Guidance for individual or small groups, for thesis writers in JAMK who need extra help with finding literature or other related information on their thesis subject
  • Mainly online guidance
  • Takes about an hour

You can book an appointment by using the form which can be attached the current version of the thesis plan.

Information seeking guidance for groups

The Jamk Library's information seeking guidance is included in the curriculum of the Jamk: Development as an Expert and also both Bachelor's Thesis and Master's Thesis (information seeking training).

Jamk Library offers information seeking workshops, which thesis authors can participate in according to their own schedule. In the Library's Moodle course, "Tiedonhaun työpajat / Information Seeking workshops 2021-2022", there are schedules, participation links and materials for information seeking guidance for students in different fields. You need to register for some workshops, e.g. Social Care and Health, through the Moodle course. The instruction and the login key to the Moodle course can be found in the Student Intra thesis instructions page Workshops and Seminars (requires login).

Field specific information seeking guidance by 

For example, you can ask about the contents of field specific guides, group guidance or integration of information seeking guidance with other teaching


Tatu Hanhikoski (Bioeconomy)
Birgitta Kurvinen (Business, Tourism and Services)
Arja Kunnela (Health and Social Studies)
Kirsi Laasasenaho (Business Information Technology)
Tapani Lehtonen (Music)
Pirjo Pohjolainen (ICT)
N N (Technology)