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Jamk´s Publishing Guide

Guide for publishing in Jamk

Welcome to Jamk’s Publishing Guide! 

This guide explains what you should do when you wish to publish something on Jamk's publication channels or other channels for professional or scientific publications. It provides information about open access publishing, Jamk's open access publishing principles, and self-archiving practices. The guide also provides useful tools, for example for finding publishing channels.

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Why publish?

Publishing gives visibility to Jamk's strong expertise, high-quality teaching and impactful RDI. RDI projects produce various publications for a wide range of channels. Publications are part of reporting on the project and its results, and publishing enhances the societal impact of project activities. Publications are also concrete outputs demonstrating the authors’ expertise that they can record in their CVs. Additionally, publications affect Jamk’s funding, which is why they should be reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture in the annual data collection on publications. It is consequently important to follow the instructions for publication data collection.

Jamk's Publication Services support personnel members in publishing activities.

Useful links

Jamk publications in research information services

About this guide

This guide is originally based on the guide developed in the Developing open RDI, Learning and Innovation Ecosystem at Universities of Applied Sciences Project 2018-2021. Updates are made to content and format.

Authors of the original guide: Jaana Latvanen and Seliina Päällysaho (SeAMK).
Authors of Jamk´s guide: Hanna Räisänen, Riitta Ruuska and ja Susanna Niemilahti-Könkkölä.

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Jamk´s Publishing guide is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) -license.