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Reporting your publications

Report your publications

Publication Information for Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) Data Collection

Basis for the collection of publication information:

The publications made by Jamk's staff are reported annually to the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM), just like other performance related to the performance guidance of higher education institutions. OKM instructs research organizations (universities, research institutes, university hospitals) on data collection. The data collection applies to publications that are significant for monitoring research and development activities. The Ministry uses the data from the publication data collection for the guidance of higher education institutions (e.g. funding model, key figures objectives, feedback from the Ministry) and the preparation of science policy.

Jamk is responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted in the data collection. The criteria for publications and types of publications are described in the Publication data collection instructions for researchers (2021) manual.

The data collection procedure does not apply to all publications derived from research activities. For instance, researchers give presentations and lectures as well as present their research at various events (e.g. posters), in the press and electronic media, but these performances and outputs are not part of the publication data collection by the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM). This information can be presented (coming in 2023) in the Researcher Information section (People) of the -service.

 JUSTUS -publication register is maintained by Library. Contact: julkaisurekisteri[at]

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