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Reporting your publications

Audiovisual Materials and Information and Communication Technology Programs

Audiovisual Materials and Information and Communication Technology Programs

  • Fulfil the definition of audiovisual publications and ICT applications, see the definitions in the data collection manual of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • At least one author must have a connection to the university, and the work must be related to the research or expert work of individuals at the university.
  • The publication or application has not previously been published in a similar format.
  • The publication or app must be publicly available and evaluated. As a rule, publication is decided by someone other than the author or authors themselves, for example, the editorial board of the publication channel. Alternatively, the publication or application must be commissioned and utilized by an organisation outside the university. In collaborative projects or projects, a funder outside the organisation is considered to subscribe to a publication or application.

More information: Publication data collection instructions for researchers 2021.

Publication Type I

I1 Audiovisual Materials

  • The author can be, for example, a journalist, a screenwriter or the person who produced the material.
  • Information about the authors /authors of the publication can be found in the publication itself or in the publication platform
  • A multi-part or continuous plot is marked only once

I2 Information and Communication Technology Programs

  • Information and communication technology software or algorithm published as commercial or free software
  • The author can be, for example, an application developer or designer
  • Any artistic part related to the application may also be recorded as an artistic publication in category F3.


N.B. Reporting Publication Type I

Report av publications and ICT applications by email julkaisutiedonkeruu[at]

In the message, please state the name, authors, time and place of publication, type of publication and field of science. 

Successive publications of the same publication are not recorded as separate results. Only the first version of the app versions is logged if the application has not changed significantly in the latter versions.

Publications or applications (e.g. course and assignments) resulting from teaching and guidance work are not reported, with the exception of the teacher's personal expert activities when it meets the criteria for data collection. Even when making a post or app students are involved, the publication or application can only be marked according to the teacher's input.

Ministry's instructions