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Data Management Guide

Jamk Guide to data management in English


The re-use of your data must also take licensing into account. Remember to also select a suitable licence for any opened data. In accordance with the President’s decision, the re-use of research data at Jamk is not to be restricted unnecessarily, and the aim is to enable its re-use in the most open way possible. As a rule, Jamk adheres to all national recommendations. The new Act on the Re-use of Research Data Sets Produced with Public Funding also steers Jamk’s operating methods. The National Open Science policy recommends the following procedures:

  • research results are to be published under an open licence or as open source code
  • the re-use of research data and publications must not be unnecessarily restricted, and their terms of use must be clearly stated
  • the standard machine-readable CC BY 4.0 licence is to be used for open data. PLEASE NOTE! In the case of data published in data archives (e.g. IDA, Zenodo etc.), only the CC BY 4.0 licence meets the requirements of the Open Data Directive and the Act on the Re-use of Research Data Sets Produced with Public Funding.
  • metadata that is used to describe research data is to be licensed under the CC0 licence
  • for computer programs, a good option is the MIT licence (allows all use, including commercial, which is emphasised both by the EU and at the national level)

PLEASE NOTE! You can also add a licence to a thesis or a related output. More information on thesis-related copyrights is available on Theseus. 

More information on choosing the right license: